Unity3D Visualization – Marmoset Street

This little project got a big boost from an interview I did with Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns:

I’m a big fan of Chuck’s podcast, so I really appreciate his interest in the project. That interview led to some other great coverage:

This Amazing 3-D Tool Might Transform Street Planning on PeopleForBikes.org.

New Software Lets You Virtually Stroll Down Streets That You Design on dc.streetsblog.org.

And holy wow, a tweet from Gabe Klein!

Here’s the Unity3D web player:

And here’s a direct link to the Unity3D Web Player.

This interactive street viewer draws from many sources to show how this medium can be used to show the public all the great possibilities our streets might hold. At its heart it’s similar to the interactive mode of my earlier visualization of some possibilities for Foster Road in Portland. But with the addition of the sliders it takes on some of the fine-tune customization found in Code for America’s Streetmix. The various models are mostly pre-built assets from around the web, and the lighting is from the amazing Marmoset Skyshop. All the ingredients were mixed together (in a matter of days) for presentation here in the popular and powerful Unity3D Web Player.

If the Unity player doesn’t work for you, try this video in which I demonstrate its functionality:

Unity3D Visualization – “Marmoset Street” from Cupola Media on Vimeo.



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