Wasilla, Alaska’s Alternative for KGB Road


The City of Wasilla, working with Gary Toth (who you might know from his work with Project for Public Spaces) hired me to create this illustrative video that describes their objections to the Alaska DOT’s plan to expand and speed up Knik-Goose Bay Road (KGB Road) into downtown Wasilla. In response, Wasilla proposed a roundabout-based design called the Community-Based Alternative (CBA).

The Community-Based Alternative for Knik-Goose Bay Road from kgbdesign on Vimeo.


The project was led by Gary, and other contributors included roundabout expert Michael Wallwork, and website developers Lisl Coady & Sarah Bowman of Coady | Bowman LLC.


Using a combination of photos (many provided by Lisl) and computer graphics, I laid out the City’s argument that roundabouts keep traffic flowing, but at slower, safer speeds, making them a better choice for the Mat-Su region and for Alaska as a whole.




This comparison of the flow of traffic on signal-controlled and roundabout-controlled stretches of road really shows off the effectiveness of animation as a tool for discussing such a dynamic an issue as traffic: comparison_with_signs